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❅ EXO’s 12월의 기적 ALBUM (Korean or Chinese, your choice. I’ll go buy it as soon as you reply to my message)

EXO’s 12월의 기적 POSTER (Red or White, your choice. I’ll go buy it as soon as you reply to my message

❅ Some more EXO goodies, like the EXO ring, some unofficial photocards, some polaroids (comes with strings and clips to put on the wall), EXO button (member of your choice, I’ll go buy it as soon as you reply to my message) 


❅ There will be ONE big winner. No 2nd places! 

Opened Internationally!!

Reblog as many times as you want (but if I were you, I wouldn’t want to spam my lovely followers)

Like this if you want to keep track

❅ It would be really nice if you’d follow me (increases chances)

❅ Absolutely NO giveaway blogs!

❅ I will be using 

❅ I live in Ktown LA so there is a music store right down the block. I’ll go buy it as soon as you tell me!

❅ I will not know who’s snowglobe you’ll be getting, but if you want me to check, I will.

Giveaway ends December 24th

Winner will be announced December 25th (I won’t announce it if you don’t want to)

❅ You have 24 hours to reply to my ask, so leave it opened. I will give you a message saying you won, and if you don’t reply, I will give you a message saying you lost your chances. 

❅ You must be willing to give me your address, so have a parent’s permission

For more information, message me (off anon, preferably!)


To Celebrate EXO's New Comeback; 12월의 기적 and of course Christmas and for all the love you're giving to me, I decided 
to have a little giveaway for you guys \(•◡•)/

I made this giveaway because I have more than so much I need this Christmas, so I decided to share it to you guys :)

ok into the giveaway——

You'll gonna win---
Miracles in December Album Single in Korean & Chinese Ver.
along with a Black EXO Backpack, WOLF Beanie
and EXO 2014 SM Official Seasons Greeting Calendar + Diary & DVD Set. [All New]

Here are the rules;

  • This giveaway isopened WORLDWIDE so ANYONE can enter.
  • Only 1 person will win sorry (But expect for more giveaways soon)
  • You must be following Me and my Main Blog. (Don’t do the Follow - Unfollow trick because that’s just unacceptable)
  • Reblogging & Liking is the main key to win this giveaway. You can reblog this as many as you can for more chances of winning. 
  • I will announce and message the winner via tumblr on December 23 (GMT+1) so by Christmas you can receive it.
  • Don’t worry your address is safe in me lol I’m not a maniac or somethin’
  • If the winner didn’t respond to my message after 48 Hours I will pick another winner.

Yeah that’s about it, Feel free to msg. me if you’re confused or something; Good Luck everyone I love you (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

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